On-going Floortime® Early Intervention sessions


Initial 1½ hour child centred profile session

  • Discussion with parent/family on goals for their child
  • Individual Differences profile
  • Building a holistic profile of the child and family
  • Family receives individualised child profile
  • Introduction to the DIR Floortime® model

Floortime® Early Intervention Play sessions

  • Early Childhood educator and DIR Floortime® practitioner Megan King will support your child in an environment of your choosing.
  • Early Intervention play sessions are based on the goals you have for your child and his/her developmental skills
  • Sessions are strongly based around your child’s individual differences (interests, sensory profile, likes, dislikes, general health) and use this as the basis to extend and expand your child’s functional skills
  • Functional skills are: engagement with others, communication skills, problem solving skills, social and emotional skills such as sharing, playing and engaging with peers, developing empathy and their own sense of self.
  • These sessions are usually 1-1½ hour weekly or fortnightly sessions and are determined by the parent

Choice of environment for sessions

  • Home, Grandparent’s house, Family Day care
  • Park, playgroup, playcentre
  • Childcare centre, After school care, Vacation care
  • Parent has the choice of where they would like their child to be supported, however it is the parent’s responsibility to obtain permission from child care, after school care educators etc when having another professional visiting their service
  • Another adult (parent, educator) must always be present in the room during Early Intervention play sessions
  • Your child will never be removed to another room or away from the group in community settings (Child care settings etc). Children develop these important skills in context, that is if your child’s goal is to develop his communication skills then this will happen in his preferred activity whether that be in the sandpit, riding a bike or climbing along the balance beam in his child care environment with peers.

Exchange of Information

  • When supporting your child in child care environments it is often a wonderful opportunity to offer strategies and suggestions to the primary educators.
  • It can also be a wonderful opportunity for educators to observe a Floortime® session and hopefully gain some strategies that they can implement in their interactions with your child.
  • This exchange of information will be discussed during the initial child centred profile session with parents

Opportunities for discussion with other professionals working with your child (optional)

  • This approach values input from other health care professionals to build a holistic profile of the child.
  • With parent permission, Megan can contact the child’s speech therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist etc to gain a deeper understanding of the child’s individual differences
  • This is completely optional and we understand parents are just as equipped to communicate what the other professionals are focussing on.

For more information and fee schedules please contact Megan on 0407 461 771 or [email protected]

Families can use their NDIS funding to access Engaging Interactions providing they are self-managing all or part of their funds. For more information, follow this link: