All children can benefit from the DIR® approach however it is most widely used as an approach in working with children with developmental challenges such as:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Down Syndrome

Global Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

Speech and communication delay

Sensory Processing Disorder

Children who were born prematurely

Children at risk of having a developmental delay and/or children where there is a concern for their development

Children with a hearing or sight impairment

Children with a diagnosed disability where there are challenges in their development and learning

Children who have suffered trauma that has affected engagement and attachment

Parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers and caregivers of children can benefit from implementing the DIR Floortime® approach. Strengthening attachment and engagement between the caregiver and the child is central to this approach and therefore can benefit:

Parents of a child with a disability

Parents who have concerns for their child’s social, emotional and communication development

Parents of a child who was born prematurely

Foster parents who are caring for children in foster care situations

Early Childhood educators and caregivers who care for children with challenges

Respite caregivers