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Inclusion: Mindful and meaningful practices for the inclusion of children with disabilities

  • What really is Inclusion and what does it mean to me?
  • How our own thoughts and beliefs impact the Inclusion process
  • Inclusion and the NDIS? What will this mean for our service?
  • Practical “take home tips” that will support you in supporting ALL children.
  • EYLF, The National Quality Framework and Inclusion
  • How to implement a holistic approach to inclusion

Developing Inclusive environments for ALL children

  • The importance of the early childhood environment
  • How the environment can impact children’s behaviour
  • Practical “take home tips” that you can apply immediately into your early childhood setting
  • How to address each child’s sensory preferences to develop a more inclusive, harmonious environment

Visuals – The art of scaffolding children’s independence

  • What are visuals?
  • Who can benefit from visuals and why?
  • How to successfully integrate visuals into your daily routines
  • How to successfully make visuals to support your children

Mindful mealtimes

  • Eating and the skills required for eating
  • Take home tips to ensure a harmonious mealtime for all children
  • The impact of stress on eating
  • How to be a meal time “detective”
  • Who to refer parents/families to if you have concerns about a child’s eating habits

DIR Floortime® 101 Introduction course
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