10 Week Play Partners Program


Initial 1 ½ hour child centred profile session

  • Discussion with parent/family on goals for their child
  • Individual Differences profile
  • Building a holistic profile of the child and family
  • Family receives individualised child profile
  • Introduction to the DIR Floortime® model

8 X 1 hour one on one play based coaching sessions with Early Childhood Educator and DIR Floortime® Practitioner Megan

  • Parent/s will be coached in using the DIR Floortime® approach to develop their child’s shared attention, social and emotional and communication skills.
  • Play based sessions are in a familiar environment. The child’s own toys are used during the sessions.
  • Parents are active participants during sessions

Booklet and information package provided

  • Parents receive all information regarding their child ie Child centred Profile, FEDC’s profile.
  • All information and strategies provided in a written format for the family to keep

Parents’ choice of where they would like their coaching sessions

  • Home, park, playcentre, Nanna’s house, playgroup, etc.
  • Familiar safe environments for the child
  • Variety of environments over the 8 sessions can be arranged

Siblings encouraged to be involved

  • Family relationships are a significant factor in the Play Partners program therefore siblings are encouraged to be involved in play sessions.

2 video recorded play sequences for coaching purposes (Optional)

  • As this is a coaching program for parents, videoing a short play sequence can be helpful as a reflective tool to watch back and discuss the interaction.
  • This is completely optional and all video footage is filmed on parents own recording device and kept with the parent.

2 opportunities for discussion with other professionals working with your child (optional)

  • This approach values input from other health care professionals to build a holistic profile of the child.
  • With parent permission, Megan can contact the child’s speech therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist etc to gain a deeper understanding of the child’s individual differences
  • This is completely optional and we understand parents are just as equipped to communicate what the other professionals are focussing on.

Final 1 ½ hour Functional Emotional Developmental Capacity (FEDC) profile session

  • Discussion with family about the program and how they feel moving forward
  • Individual profile reflecting the child’s FEDC’s and how they are functioning within each capacity
  • Where to from here? Discussion about how this approach can be implemented into the family’s everyday routines.
  • For more information and fee schedules please contact Megan on 0407 461 771 or [email protected]